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Vinarija Jakovac - O nama


Vinarija Jakovac - O nama


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Powerful willpower and enormous love of two brothers for a beautiful vineyard in Erdut has resulted in a wine story that will captivate you after the first sip. The wines we make here are a product of the incredible nature on the Dalj mountain, and the task we are fully dedicated to is the process for making those wines.


Every cluster in our vineyard has its own story, which means that every bottle of Jakovac wine reaches your hands with its own dose of personality and character.

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A team of excellent oenologists maintains the premium quality of our exclusive wines, which we hope will captivate sommeliers all over the world and validate our work with medals from numerous competitions.


Do you need more information on a specific wine variety or you just want to inquire about the price? Contact us and we will answer all your questions and resolve your conundrums!