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  • 24. January 2022.

    Presentation at the 17th wine event of the year

    On the 10th and 11th of December 2021, we presented our wines in Belgrade at the regional wine event, the 17th Belgrade Wine Salon.

    At the end of last year, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 100 wineries from 14 countries all over the world offered the visitors 600 selected wines for tasting. At this wine event, the visitors were able to taste the wines, compare them, and talk to the winemakers in person.

    We are very happy to have been able to present our wines at such a great event, and we have also confirmed our recognition in the region by engaging in new cooperation with regional distributers. The wines themselves generated great excitement, considering that they are made and grown in a region which is geographically nearby. Some of the wine varieties are represented in the region itself, and we have shown, along with other Croatian winemakers, that we are competitive with the local winemakers. The fair has been organised during one of the highest-quality periods of the winemaking year, because the wines on display were presented when they are at their peak potency and ready for the market. We are talking about fresh wines from 2020 and aged wines from previous years.

    The fair included a large sample of domestic and foreign wines, and we tasted wines made from locally grown varieties from Greece, Portugal, and Georgia. A particularly interesting part were commercially unknown wine varieties from Greece, which had an air of freshness and complexity. It is very interesting that a country managed to maintain concentration on local varieties and use them to build a story and quality, like Greece managed to do. We recognised an approach similar to ours, because under our winemaking circumstances, we also pay attention and care for the most represented wine variety Graševina. Graševina was a particularly recognised variety on the fair, and all of that is incentive for us to approach the care and presentation of this wine with more decisiveness and higher quality.

    A fair such as this greatly contributes to the recognition of various approaches to running a winemaking business and keeping up with global and regional trends. We hope that Croatian wines will remain represented at regional, or even global wine fairs, and that our contribution will be recognised as a part of that story. We invite all those who cherish the ceremony of drinking wine to attend as many wine fairs or wine meetings as possible, because such gatherings are often an opportunity to meet and recognise new wine stories.

  • 24. January 2022.


    The consumption of specific wines may depend on various factors, like food consumed with wine, the time of day, the temperature, the season, the occasion, and similar.

    In our previous blog, we described which wines from the Jakovac range pair best with certain food, and in this one, we will explore other factors that can have an effect on the selection of the perfect wine.

    When talking about choosing a wine to drink, your choice in the moment may be completely random, according to your mood, or it may be the consequence of external factors, like the time of day or the temperature. The fact is that we simply prefer drinking certain wines, for example, during winter or during summer, during the day or during the night, and similar.

    We will touch upon the seasonality of wine in the text below, and give you our recommendations from the Jakovac product range.




    Rose wines
    Wines with alluring pink-golden shades, with fruity sweet-sour taste, enriched with strawberry and raspberry aromas, are a common and logical summer choice for those who like wine. Due to their lightness, they can be paired with many meals, and if they are cooled and if they have a perfect blend of sweet and sour notes, they can be a perfect summer refreshment. From our product range, we recommend the Le Rose, a ravishing pink-coloured rose wine with even more ravishing taste.

    Sauvignon wines
    Sauvignon wines are characterised by light herbal, fruity-sour taste, and similar to the rose wines, that is what makes them the best match to enjoy during the summer months. The Jakovac Sauvignon Blanc wine has a light, refreshing taste with the aromas of elderberry and white flowers, which will perfectly complete any hot sunny day.

    Graševina wines have a citrusy, sour taste, with a prevailing note of apples. Depending on the age, they may take on some sweeter notes. As predominantly fresh, sour wines, Graševina wines are an excellent choice during the warmer months. If you decide to have a refreshing Graševina, be sure to try the Graševina from the Jakovac cellar, enriched with the note of ageing.




    Cabernet Sauvignon wines
    A stronger red wine which is a bit of an obvious choice. Similar to food, when it comes to wine, in the winter we tend to lean toward stronger, fuller, more piquant flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon wines definitely fall in that category. We definitely recommend the La Diva wine from the Jakovac range, a top-quality blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, intoxicating with its aromas of chocolate, roasted coffee and dried berries.

    Chardonnay wines are definitely the right choice for wine enthusiasts who enjoy fuller, a bit heavier white wines. Chardonnay requires particular knowledge and care from the winemakers, but the resulting wine will have full, complex taste. The Chardonnay Mystique from the Jakovac product range is aged for as much as 10 months, and its deep aroma will warm every one of your cold days.

  • 18. January 2022.


    The Jakovac Winery offers a rich selection of top-quality wines. Our product range includes many different varieties, and each of them offers a specific aroma. The unique taste of top-quality Jakovac wines is the result of perfect locations in the Erdut wine hills.

    Enjoying wine is usually accompanied by enjoying various specialities, and if you want to make your experience of socialising with good wine and good food as pleasant and tasty as possible, this blog will offer you some food suggestions for each of our top-quality wines.

    We are starting with some general rules for pairing wine with certain food. Any experienced gourmet will tell you that there are no rules, but for wine enthusiasts who are just starting out, some guidelines can greatly help until they develop a delicate taste and a feeling for pairing wine with food.

    One of the rules is the sequence of serving wine. Our suggestion is to start with lighter, fresher wines, and with the sequence of appetisers and courses from lighter to more substantial, wines should keep up with that sequence. Same as with any rule, this one also has its exceptions. Wines are primarily paired with specific food, so any food you are serving as the appetiser will affect the wine selection.

    To make enjoying our top-quality wines easier, we are suggesting food that goes with every wine from the Jakovac product range:

    Cold cuts or steak tartare – Graševina, La Diva
    Fish – Chardonnay Mystique, Graševina, Sauvignon Blanc

    Pasta, rice – Le Rose, Rose Sparkling Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Graševina

    Poultry meat – Chardonnay Mystique
    Red meat and stronger dishes – La Diva, Scented Gewurztraminer, Red Cuvee, Sauvignon Blanc
    Highest quality white fish – White Cuvee
    Stews, dishes with sauce – La Diva, Red Cuvee, Scented Gewurztraminer, Graševina
    Shellfish – Sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs, Sauvignon Blanc, La Diva
    Freshwater fish – Graševina

    Lighter sour, fruity desserts – Le Rose, Rose sparkling wine
    Heavier, chocolate desserts – La Diva, Le Rose, Rose sparkling wine

    Below are several receipt suggestions and Jakovac wines that complement them:


    Cheese plate

    Make sure that your plate has an aged gouda and goat cheese, brie, cheddar, parmesan, and gorgonzola. These cheeses are an excellent pair for many wines from the Jakovac product range. For example, cheddar, parmesan, and gorgonzola are an excellent pair for the Jakovac Red Cuvee and Rose sparkling wine. You can pair Chardonnay Mystique with goat cheese, gouda, and parmesan, and you can pair the product range queen, the La Diva wine, with any cheese from this plate. It will perfectly complement a large number of cheeses due to its perfect balance of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot aromas from the Jakovac vineyard.


    Cheese and mushroom sauce pasta

    Cook the pasta any way you like (400g). Braise chopped fresh button mushrooms on oil (300g) and sprinkle flour over it (30g). Gradually add milk (600ml) and stir until the sauce starts to boil, and after that, cook for another for 5 minutes. And Vegeta to the sauce, 1 spoon of mustard, salt, pepper, and grated gouda (170g), and cook for another 1 to 2 minutes until the sauce becomes thicker. Place the pasta in a heat resistant container, cover it with sauce, and sprinkle parmesan over it (30g), then place it in an oven to bake for a bit.
    We recommend the Le Rose wine with this dish, as well as the rose sparkling wine, which pair with pasta dishes perfectly.


    Grilled octopus

    Boil the octopus in water with white wine (as you like), half a lemon, one clove of garlic, and a cork stopper. It should be boiled at a low temperature for 1 hour.
    Preheat the grill to 240°C. Grease the octopus with half a dl of olive oil, add some salt and pepper, and then place on the grill and grill for 3-4 minutes on each side, until it becomes bronze-brown. It can be grilled in a single piece or you can cut it into smaller pieces before grilling.

    Once the grilled octopus is done, cut it and pour olive oil and lemon juice over it.
    We recommend the Sauvignon Blanc from the Jakovac product range with the octopus. Sauvignon Blanc is a top-quality dry wine and it pairs wonderfully with seafood and grilled dishes.



Do you need more information on a specific wine variety or you just want to inquire about the price? Contact us and we will answer all your questions and resolve your conundrums!