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The leading people at that Winery are brothers Ozren and Ognjen Jakovac




A short historical

The Winery has been founded almost 40 years ago, before it had the name Jakovac Winery. The founder, Ognjen’s and Ozren’s (current owners) grandfather, started the winery in his birthplace, motivated by the desire to contribute to his home region and the ideal conditions at the southern slopes of the Dalj mountain.

Even though I am mostly spread thin between Zagreb and Erdut, I have found the pleasure and motivation for building this story in positive comments, our clients who recognised our wines as drinkable and of high quality, and what is most important, they keep coming back for more.

We may not be in construction any more, but we are still building with wines, we are building our quality, our position on the market, and our base of satisfied customers. I am very happy that our wines are talked about along with good company, enjoyment, and recreation.

We are different, why?

Through modernisation, bringing in new, young, ambitious people to the winery, in combination with honouring tradition, this duo, along with a team of young people, is making wines of high, recognised quality. This driving energy is what makes this winery truly special.

Mission and vision for the future

With positive energy, ambition, hard work, as well as a clear vision, the future of this winery is, without a doubt, a modern wine adventure.

From the media

We always appreciate the interest and curiosity related to our wines and our winery, and we are particularly happy to see that the effort and work we invested is noticed and appreciated. We are open to all questions and happy to talk, with a glass of highest quality wine!



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